The Osmond Family: Marie’s Daughter Finally Breaks her Silence


It’s been four decades now since the Osmond family has walked into our lives. This entertaining family has brought us music, interviews with our favorite celebrities and plenty of laughs throughout the years. The Osmond family spawn sides acts as The Osmonds and Donnie and Marie. Anyone growing up in the 1970’s will remember this family for their excellent vibes. It wasn’t all sunshine and happiness 24/7 for this family, there are actually a few secret you would have never guessed. Here are some of them.

Marie’s Run in With Groucho

One of the most successful spin-offs with the Osmond family was the beloved Donnie and Marie show. One of their more memorable episodes is when they have on comedic genius and legend, Groucho Marx. In terms of ratings and publicity, this was amazing for the show. It wasn’t the best time for young Marie and she recalls Groucho constantly grabbing at her and pinching her. Being the legend was already in his 80’s during the interview it would be one of his last and he’d pass a couple years later. While the world looks back on him for the classics he provided us, Marie only recalls horror on the set.

Marie’s Weight Issue

When Marie was 15-years-old she’d do anything for the fame, including taking ridiculous abuse from the shows producers. The pair of Donnie and Marie were offered their own TV show by producers, but they really strict about Marie’s weight. She weight 107 pounds, but for them that wasn’t good enough. The constantly pressured her and abused her. They’d call her fat, ugly and disgrace to her family. They also threaten to shut everything down if she couldn’t take the weight off. The young girl starved herself to 97 pounds.

Donnie Loves Technology

After watching hours of the TV show, one would never figure that Donnie was such a hardcore lover to technology. Single handly, Donnie Osmond designed the control room at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. Alone, Donnie also put together all the video montages for the show. He said his world isn’t on the stage but in the back with the control panels. He has openly admitted to being a nerd when it came to technology.

Behind Her Smile

Little Marie Osmond was always noted for having that kind smiled and the eyes of doe, yet there was something behind them. In her book Behind The Smile, Marie opens up her closet and lets the skeletons and despair tumble out for everyone. She states that during her childhood she was the constant target of abuse and not just the physical and verbal kind either. She had not released the name of the abuser, but has stated it wasn’t a family member or close friends of hers.

They Love the Church

For the entire Osmond family, church has always been an extremely big deal to them. It’s one of the reasons why they are so giving. They denote 10% of everything they make to their church which helps a lot of the poor in the area. Donny also runs his own charity called the Osmond Foundation for the Children of The World. Marie does a lot of work Children’s Miracle Network.

Donnie and His Charity

To all his friends and family and even to the kids in his charity program, Donny is known as uncle Donny. Little do they know, Donny is a huge success in Las Vegas, in fact his image fills up a whole side of the Flamingo. The section that is taken up his eye  is made up of six floors. Him and his sister Marie aren’t just some act from the past, at least not in their new home of Vegas.

They Were Always Hard Workers

Donny and Marie were hard workers. When the show first debuted in 1976, they weren’t working eight hour shifts, no, the Osmonds were working sometimes twenty hour days. They have new dance routines to rehearse, guest to meet and lines to remember. Their schedule was booked solid. This mean no dating for them, no going out like regular teens their age. Despite this soul consuming lifestyle; the two always wore their smiles.

Donny, not Donnie

If there is one thing that drives Donny crazy it’s when people spell his name as “Donnie”. Nothing in the world makes him more upset then when people put that “ie” at the end of his name. His crew thought it’d be funny if they spelled his name with the “ie” at the end on his dressing room door. He didn’t like it, but being a Mormon, it was his job to forgive them all.

Donnie Can Party

Just because Donny is a Mormon doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to get wild at a party. His sister has confirmed just how carried away Donny could get. In fact he is known to get riled up to the point of dancing on tables. If you ever go to one of their shows or run into Donny at a party, keep that drink in your hand, but if their is a bar or table, he’ll get on top of it.

Donny is Pretty Laid Back

If you think the life of Donny is glamorous, think again. He gets four hours of sleep a night and tries to get a bit of shut eye whenever he gets a moment of silence which is rare. He wakes up at 6am every morning, takes his son the airport and then gets home and tried to get an hour of sleep before heading to the studio and doing voice work for his Disney show. When he is on tour with Marie, his life gets even more hectic.

Marie’s Losing Weight the Right Way

Juggling shows at the Flamingo in Las Vegas and being on Dancing With The Stars was hard work for Marie. Hard work isn’t something that she has ever shied away from though. During that she when she was on dancing with the stars, she lost over 40 pounds. She didn’t do this by starving herself, she did it to stay healthy. Marie is starting to get up in age and is well aware of the risk in her family. Heart disease took away both her mom and grandmother and her father had two pacemakers before he passed on.

Donny Is Also Losing Weight

Marie isn’t the only one who took off some pounds. Since the start of their show at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, Donny has lost two inches to his waist. This Las Vegas variety act in nothing short of intense at the end of the day. There is enough running around to make up a full cardio workout. On top of that, Donny also goes to the gym on a daily basis to pump the iron and keep his figure.

He Knew They’d Get Back Together

Donny and Marie. The names go perfectly together, like white on rice. Although there came a point in their careers where the two decided to go their separate ways. This was back in the 1980’s right as their show came to an end. They each wanted to find their share of the limelight on their own. Of course Donny has been quoted saying that he always knew him and his sister would get back together. It didn’t feel right any other way.

Working Together

Back in the 1970’s Donny was the oldest and what he said pretty much went. Things have changed as now Marie wants some of the say so. This of course wasn’t easy for Donny to begin with, but eventually they decided to hire a mediator who would help them out with their act and make sure that everything went smoothly without any hue arguments breaking out.

They Are One Heck of a Pair

Back in the 1970’s the two shared a one of a kind closeness with one another. One that at times even seemed kind of strange. Today they spend the most time together while on the stage. If you think you’ll find the pair hanging out outside of work, you can forget about it. Donny has stated that on his free time he’d rather be spending time with his wife and kids and not his kid sister. That doesn’t mean they aren’t close, but not as close.

Donny’s Got Some Habits

Let’s be honest, everyone has strange habits. Thankfully we get to keep them secret while celebrities have theirs exploited. Marie dropped the bomb on her brother a few years back when she went on an interview and said that he has the strange habit of licking the salt off of pretzels before eating them. He’s been doing this all his life apparently. Even way back in the 1970’s. We just hope that he doesn’t put them back after he’s done licking the salt off of them.

Still Finding Success

Donny and Marie have got their fair share of Gold Records throughout the years. They’ve got four to be exact which is pretty impressive for any artist. In 19784 they released their album Leaving It Up To You. It was a huge success. They followed that up with Featuring Songs. They also released an album that covered a bunch of songs from their television show. Their last album together was in 2011. We’re expecting a new one soon.

How Does She Do It

It’s no question that a life of materials and surgery has helped Marie keep up appearances throughout the years. Could one blame her though? She was born into a world material and glam. Even when caught in the middle of an awkward moment, Marie Osmond looks stunning. One has to wonder if there will ever be a dead end to her youthful and glamorous vibe.

Donny Didn’t Always Have it so Easy

Donny’s life wasn’t always easy and he went through some terrible things inside and outside of his family, but when you think about the world of childhood show business and twenty hour work schedules, it’s bound to happen. Despite this he wasn’t about to push off the idea of having a family of his own. At the age of twenty he married Debra Glenn in Salt Lake City. The pair have had five children together and they can often before found at church or on a family vacation together.

Donny Meets Disney

When Donny separated himself from his sister when Donny and Marie came to an end. He took the the stages of broadway and found quite an amount of success. He played three huge roles over the years, Gaston in Beauty and The Beast, Joseph in Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and the lead in the play Little Johnny Jones. For the most part we can say that he is used to playing lead roles in whatever he does.

Who Could Resist Him

It wasn’t long ago that Donny appeared as a special guest on the show called The Kumars. As a special guest and not knowing much about the dynamic of the show, he didn’t know that their was an admirer close by to him. It was Sanjeev Bhaskar’s wife whom at one point in her life had planned to marry Donny and even convert to become a mormon for him. When Donny appeared on the show, you could see the excitement in her eyes.

He Keeps Busy

Most won’t know this right off the bat, but Donny Osmond has been doing voiceover work for years now. This isn’t limited to movies either, but he has also done it on a number of TV shows. He’s amazing at it to. One of his most impressive roles was in Mulan when he played Captain Li Shang and sang I’ll Make a Man Out of You. He was also in Johnny Bravo and in his own animated show, The Osmonds, back in the 1970’s.

Jimmy has Also Found Success

When he was just nine, Jimmy Osmond broke a record in the UK that hasn’t been touched till this day. It was with his 1972 hit, Long Haired Lover From Liverpool that broke records when it jumped to number 1 in the UK. Jimmy has held the title ever since as being the youngest person to ever reach the top of the chart in the UK. This doesn’t change the fact that he is a bit bitter towards his childhood sacrificed to stardom.

It All Started With Hearing Aids

Believe it or not, the story of the Osmonds all started with hearing aids. The eldest of the Osmond children, Tom and George were both born deaf. Their parents couldn’t piece together enough money at the time buy hearing aids for them, so they sent the remaining Osmond children on the street perform and raise money. They began traveling around to raise money. They even incorporated their deaf brothers and sign language into the act.

Marie’s Daughter Comes Out With It

Most don’t know that Marie has an adopted daughter and that at the age of seventeen her adopted daughter came out to Marie as a homosexual. When Marie first heard the news she weeped for hours on in. She didn’t cry out of shame, but out of the judgement from others. Marie had a lot of gay friends who said they’d never want that for their children.

Donny Never Broke

Donny Osmond was always a strict Mormon and stuck to this. He was a sensation and could have been ah uge rock star if he wanted or could have had any woman he dreamed of, yet he didn’t give into these pressures. He has also never drank, done drugs, smoke cigarettes or ever cursed. He has been made fun of for this, but he says he’s proud of himself at the end of the day.

Donny Put God First

A lot of people have called Donny naive. Why? Because he has always put God first. He’s very serious about his religion. Very. When asked what was second for him, he’d say his family. He said that without this mindset he probably wouldn’t be as successful as he is today. The rest of the family also follows this “God first” code. When asked if he was indeed naive, he stated that one would have never become as successful as he had if he were naive.

Marie’s Hard Ride

When it comes to the Osmond who has had the bumpiest ride in life, that title no doubt gets given to Marie. She has had a lot of ups and downs in her life and has finally come to peace with them by stating that no life is perfect. For the longest time she resented the fact that she didn’t have a real childhood or a proper dating life, yet she is okay with this now. Life moves on.

Donny Osmond Meets Michael Jackson

Growing up in the spotlight permitted Donny Osmond to have a lot of famous friends. The most famous of them all was no doubt the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. One of his best memories with Michael was back at the American Music Awards when he was just 17. He saw Michael and asked if he was hungry. The pair jumped into Donny’s limo and ate tacos while cruising the Sunset Strip and hanging out of the lino’s sunroof.

She’s No Diva

When it comes to interviews and television appearances, Marie has some very specific instructions for those on the set. It isn’t any kind of diva behavior. She isn’t asking for a bowl of only red M&Ms or anything like that. It has to do with the lighting. Lighting can mean a lot to someone on set. It can change the whole way you look. It isn’t such an over the top question if you really think about it.

Jimmy The Sensation

Jimmy Osmond is a sensation. He holds the record as the youngest artist to ever break number 1 on the UK pop charts. If you think he walked away with millions in his pocket after breaking that record, you’re wrong. He made practically nothing. He was only nine years old at the time and the money went everywhere but in his pocket. He has since described show business as not exactly fair, although he does remark that things changed since then.

Jimmy Didn’t Always Have it so Easy

Jimmy can’t complain too much. Although he didn’t make anything on record sales he still managed to get about 80 million dollars from performing live, being on television shows and on movies. The rest of the Osmond family suffered a similar fate to Jimmy. Luckily for them they have more then enough dough to push their own ventures and live very, very comfortable lives.

Marie’s Dressing Room is Huge

Despite basking in millions, Marie Osmond for the most part has avoided becoming some sort of raging diva. Although she did have one request when she started performing at the Flamingo and that was to have the largest dressing room they had. The reason for this that she has a large family, plenty of friends and dogs. She practically lives in that dressing room. It’s been said that there is always 15 to 20 people in there.

Jimmy Loves the Cars

Jimmy Osmond has always been a bit obsessed with cars.When he was at the height of his career back in the 1970’s he would go out and buy cars like some people buy albums. Riding on the waves of success, Jimmy bought his first house at the age of 14 and used the space to stash all his cars. Googling his cars, you’ll definitely be surprised by some of the gems he has.

What’s With Donny and Purple Socks

Throughout his career you could always catch Donny Osmond wearing purple socks. Many have wondered for years as to why they were always purple. What could all this purple mean. Well, according to Donny there is nothing huge behind why he wears purple socks. It was actually an idea his mother had when they were first starting out. She decided that the sock color would determine who was who. It was a good way to keep the fans from mixing them up.

Lucile Ball knows a thing or

What Marie Learned from Lucy

two about show business. Like the Osmond family, she had been in the limelight for years. When Marie was 16, she met Lucile Ball and Ball offered to teach her a few tricks of the trade. These tricks had something to do with lighting and makeup. I’m certain these tricks have stuck with her ever since. In fact it probably has a lot to do with her lighting needs today.

Donny Holds his Ground

In a time when being clean cut wasn’t the hippest thing in the world, Donny was asked by Virgin Records to take part in a drug scandal. It would be a move that would appear to make him more credible in the public eye. Everyone seemed to be doing these sorts of things at the time. He felt pressured to the point of almost breaking and going along with it, but at last moment he decided to stay true to what he felt was right.

Just a Normal Guy

The Donny you see on stage and the one he is at home are like two completely different individuals.On stage he is a straight showman. He dances, sings and happily dives into a crowd of screaming middle aged women. At home is a family man. He doesn’t have staff running around for him, he isn’t dressed in a fine suit, but he’s just a normal man like the ones you’d see anywhere.

Their Disney Debut

The Osmonds started their careers at Disneyland. When they thought they had what it took to be big, the Osmond family went off to Los Angeles to get in touch with some record producers. Unfortunately it wasn’t as easy as they thought. On a trip to Disneyland they saw the Dapper Dan Disney barbershop quartet and began singing with them. Tommy Walker, the director of guest relations caught them singing and invited the Osmonds to sing at Disney After Dark.

Marie’s Journey

One may think that there is a kind of a curse going on with the Osmond family, well not all of them. Back in 2006, Marie was suffering from postnatal depression. Things got so bad for her that she actually tried to take her own life. Luckily for the world, Marie recovered. Sadly, just four years later her adopted son, Michael took his own life. His suicide note said that he just couldn’t go on fight the demons of his depression. He also had a drugs and drinking problem.