Funniest Photos Ever Taken At Airports


The Airport is often considered one of the most interesting places on earth where passengers are either too busy saying goodbye to their loved ones or too anxious to miss their flight. There’s hardly any time for jokes or pranks, right? Wrong. Today we have decided to take you on a hilarious journey of the funniest airport moments ever captured on camera. So ladies and gentlemen put on your seatbelts, grab some snacks and put your seat in an upright position because we are about to take off on one hell of laughter ride and we need you to stay safe in case of any turbulence on the plane.

Welcome Home Honey!

When your charm isn’t working on any of the ladies at the bar, it’s time to take your flirting game up a notch and hit the airport in hopes of picking up a stranger with a sign that reads “SMOKING HOT ITALIAN CHICK”. This guy obviously knows how to make a good joke as he dressed up to pick up his Italian girlfriend from the airport with this sign in his hand. His chauffeur outfit could fool anyone into believing that he is the next Frank Martin in the Transporter film series. We wonder how his girlfriend reacted to this.



Wake Me Up When My Plane Decides to Take Off

When these college graduates gave up their dorm rooms in their university in Minnesota to go see their families in Sri Lanka, they had no clue that their flight delay would compel them to take refuge on the cold, hard floor outside the airport. These kids obviously chose the wrong time to go back home as Sri Lanka was badly struck by a typhoon and all flights to Colombo had been delayed for days. At least they brought enough boxes to keep their heads warm, as they dreamed of their cozy beds at home. That is one hell of a graduation present by Mother Nature.



This Photo Is The Reason Why We Have Trust Issues

Whoever decided that flying aircrafts over the remains of a crashed plane was a great idea, has a seriously morbid sense of humor – but we’re sure no one on the aircraft laughed at this bone-chilling sight of a crashed plane – a fate that could have been theirs instead. The famous skeleton of this unfortunate Dagestan Airlines Flight 372 is situated close to Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow and for most passengers flying routinely, seeing this image is just another day in the life. The plane split into three pieces while making an emergency landing, causing 2 casualties and leaving many others injured.

Plan G

Watchu Hiding In There?

No one is safe at the security check-points at the airport – not even nuns. And who blames the TSA for giving this woman a thorough checking before letting her on the aircraft – she could be hiding a couple of grenades and a handgun under that huge gown. Don’t blame the security guard for having trust issues; she has probably watched too many crime shows on television. Luckily, all this woman was carrying under her dress was a copy of the New Testament and a Hail Mary statue to keep her safe on the flight.





When you’re getting late for your flight and the only means of transportation you have to reach the airport is a bike, how do you ensure that your luggage goes with you? Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the king of improvisation, Sir Rolly Davidson, who quickly realized that rolling the luggage alongside the motorbike is the way to go. This picture of the duo was captured in Los Angeles as they speeded over 70 miles per hour on the highway, hoping to make it to the airport in time – and with their entire luggage intact. After all, what are the wheels on the bag for, if not this?


Climb on up mate

When plane delays are too long and boring, try making the airport your playground. These boys decided to put on a show for the bored passengers by showing off their gymnastic skills. They started an instant buzz around them and their talent soon garnered them fame on social media – see the guy behind them snapping a photo and frantically posting it on Facebook? That’s how you get famous kids! And here we were thinking that reading books is a boring chore.



How Do I Get Out From Here?

This woman clearly didn’t think her decisions through before sliding under the armrests of the chairs to enjoy a comfy nap while waiting for her check-in gate to open. Most passengers going through a layover can relate to this woman’s situation – but our real concern is: how will she out from underneath once she wakes up? She definitely looks skinny enough to wiggle into the tightest spots. Her gluten-free, non-fat diet seems to be doing her wonders.



This woman became the butt of all jokes on the internet – literally, with her neck pillow dangling from her purse giving her the illusion of a naked bum. As she casually strolled down the airport lobby in Germany, she was completely oblivious to the snickering of the onlookers behind her who were frantically taking photos of her fake tush to show to their friends. The photo went viral on the internet soon, making this faceless woman a social media sensation.


Yoga Retreat Inside the Jet Engine

At first sight, you might feel a sense of horror thinking what in the God’s name is the captain doing inside a jet engine. Wait – is this where the cockpit is located? Have I been fooled all my life?! All jokes aside, the captain was simply posing for a funny photo while the plane was sitting idly on the ground. The woman in the photo wanted to show her love for Yoga through the pose and the photo was quickly circulated around the internet, making her popular on social media.



Delayed Maturity

This photograph is a testament of how parents can always count on their kids for public humiliation. This grown up son decided to greet his mom and dad in his cartoon onesie with a sign in his hand that read: WELCOME HOME MOM AND DAD. WE ARE OUT OF CEREAL. The signboard quickly caught the attention of onlookers who started snapping photos of the prankster to post them on social media. We hope this was all just a joke otherwise we would feel bad for the poor parents.


Keeping Them On a Tight Leash

This woman decided to use her pets’ leash on her two children on the airport to prevent them from separating. We can imagine how stressful travelling with two mischievous kids must be for this poor mom who was probably concerned that her life may turn into a Home Alone film where her sons accidentally board a plane to a different city. Even with the leash on, these kids are appearing to be a handful for the frustrated mother. She definitely needs something extra to help them behave, maybe a ball and some biscuits will do the trick.


All Checked In

Travelling with teenage kids is never easy. Especially when they complain about everything from the airplane food to uncomfortable seats and heavy luggage, not to forget their endless tantrums and demands which can drive any parent insane. One teenager decided to throw herself on the check-in belt to avoid the torturous plane ride. She probably thought that the checked-in luggage compartment would be more comfy than her actual seat. Unfortunately, she couldn’t fool the check-in officers and had to get off the belt.


Shining Thy Armor

These knights definitely needed a good shine before their important flight from the San Diago Airport which is why they stopped at the shoe polish spot to get their armors a thorough polish. The two lads had come directly from a Comic-Con which is why they were dressed like Iron Man. Unfortunately, they two were not allowed to keep their suits on during security check and had to take them off before the full body security scan.



First-Class Passenger Falcons

Who thought that birds needed to fly on airplanes, aren’t they meant to fly on their own? This weird sight of 80 falcons oboard was spotted on a commercial plane from UAE and all birds belonged to the rich Saudi Prince who believed that the falcons could be used as messengers as in the old times. Has this guy heard of Facebook? It’s definitely more efficient for communication and doesn’t take any space on planes when carrying with you. The prince went as far as to get passports for all 80 of his falcons who were allowed to be carried by air in only certain Middle Eastern countries.




Kiss and Goodbye!

We all know how hard it is to say good bye to a loved one at the airport, and apparently, the Danish government is sensitive to the passengers’ emotions as   well! This sign was spotted outside the Aalborg airport in Denmark where couples were encouraged to bid adieu to each other with a loving smooch.  Although, the couples must be aware of the time limit and their kiss must not exceed 3 minutes according to the sign. We wonder what kind of punishment people face if they exceed the limit.




The Force Awakens… At the Airport

Star Wars fans never cease to amaze the world with their love for the iconic film series. This scene was captured at the Denver airport just before the release of the sequel The Force Awakens where fans got together to show their enthusiasm for the release of the new film in an epic way. Fans threw on the stormtrooper costumes, waiting for their master Darth Vader to appear through the arrivals hall. As soon as their leader appeared, the troopers played the imperial march on their cell phones to celebrate the reunion. What an epic way to greet your friend at the airport!






Too Much Information

Anyone who has ever been to prison would do whatever it takes to keep the news from becoming public. One family decided to prank their mother by holding up a sign on a train station in Rotterdam that read: WELCOME HOME FROM PRISON MOM. Fortunately, the woman was only coming home from work, and not really from prison. Nevertheless, it was a funny sight for onlookers and the mom who commended her kids’ sense of humor. Good job kids!





There’s No Need To Rush

Don’t you hate it when you’re in a rush and person ahead of you on the escalator won’t let you pass through? This grandma took her sweet time crossing the escalator as more than half a dozen people stood behind her, impatiently waiting for her to move. The situation became really funny when one guy ahead of the crowd decided to photograph the moment and show it to the internet. This photo has become viral since then and used in various humorous memes.






Please, No Jokes

This man decided to show up at the security checkpoint undressed in order to get through the gates faster. The officer surely had nothing to suspect as he had laid every bit of him bare. It’s funny how he decided to pull off this stunt right underneath the sign that read: PLEASE, NO JOKES. Taking off your clothes at the airport is no laughing matter and can get you into trouble. At least we hope that this guy made it to his flight on time since he didn’t have to answer any questions like, “do you have anything in your pockets?”

Man standing in his underwear, waiting to go through an airport security check station



It’s All Fun and Games

If you thought that your job was boring then you definitely haven’t tried your hand at becoming an immigration officer, greeting hundreds of strangers a day and stamping one passport after another for hours. To break away from the monotony of the job, some officers decide to play Solitaire on their computer and pretend as if they are doing a serious background check on the passenger. With the ongoing threat of terror attacks around the world, these officers ought to pay more attention to their jobs.




Old fashioned

In the modern age of technology, people prefer using their phones or laptops to perform writing tasks – but not these young hipsters who thought that it would be cool to pull out a huge typewriter from their suitcase in places like the airport or the train station. It can’t be a coincidence that both of these people were seen with their typewriters within a week of each other and both belonged to the same city of Seattle! They have got to be related in some way.




Taking Off On The Highway

Sometimes there just isn’t enough space to build runways and roads separately so one must make the best of what they have. In this case, a runway for aircrafts is built right across a road for normal vehicles, making it extremely risky for planes to collide with the motorists. This mesmerizing sight can be captured at the Rock Of Gibralter, Spain where motorists stuck in rush hour traffic are wowed daily by sight of planes taking off in front of their very eyes. How fun must that be!





Place All Cuddly Objects In a Tray

When the airport security officer told everyone to put all liquid objects in a separate tray during an x-ray scan, this woman here clearly misunderstood and put her baby through the machine instead. We know how stressful motherhood can be, especially during travelling which is why we’re willing to let this one go. We just hope that the security office didn’t shout out, “Liquids over 75 oz. are not allowed on the plane miss!”upon seeing the cute baby.



Bending Rules… and Sockets 

Nothing is free in life – especially not at airports where you can expect to spend fortunes on even small services like sockets for charging your phone and laptop. This particular machine required quarters for using the socket for a limited amount of time. While most people paid to use this service, one genius – who was obviously out of quarters – found a way around it and decided to plug his charger into the same socket at the machine! We hope he didn’t start an electrical fire at the airport.





Looking After The Pets’ Needs

Whoever understood the psychological needs of pets traveling on airplanes is a true hero in our eyes. This photo was taken at the San Diego airport where passengers were stopping at the sight of a strange sign that they hadn’t ever seen at any other airport around the world – a pet relief where your four-legged friend could enjoy his own personal space around other animals just like him and be able to get medical care if needed. A fake fire hydrant was added to make the place look more compelling – in case your dog decided to set someone else’s cat on fire.



Take Me Home, Luggage!

Anybody who has gone through the ordeal of spending hours in transit for connecting flights knows the pain of this little girl who seems to have given up on life completely. Luckily, there is room on top of her dad’s suitcase for her to rest as she is wheel-barrowed around through the security checkpoint and out of the airport. We are glad that she was not checked into the luggage with the rest of the parents’ bags! She must have been so happy to finally be reunited with her comfy bed.



Make Yourself At Home

Cancelled or delayed flights are the worst thing that can happen to you when travelling – followed closely by losing a kid in the huge check-in lines or having a sudden urge to go to the toilet right before boarding the plane. Instead of creating a scene at the airport like most other disgruntled passengers, this man decided to throw in the towel – literally – and lie down in the middle of the check-in area to catch up on his sleep before his plane finally decides to take off.


Many Hands Make it Work

When it comes to reality television, no stunt is too dangerous or far out of reach. If you’re thinking that this photo has been photo-shopped then you’re clearly wrong. This scene where 44 little people decided that they could fly the aircraft with their manpower was captured in a television show called Man Vs. Beast. In the episode, two DC-10 aircrafts were pulled by humans and elephants to determine who is able to pull the planes faster. Unsurprisingly, the elephants won the race.


Hide Your Snow Globes

Of all the objects that can pose a threat to human safety on the aircraft, snow globes and durians come at the top of the priority list for some aircrafts. The snow globe sign was spotted on a TSA aircraft and we’re guessing that the purpose behind the restriction to protect the passengers from the glass globe which could shatter and spill on the ground. The ‘no durian’ sign is often seen in Thai aircrafts due to the pungent odor of the fruit that can make some passengers nauseous.


Not Taking Any Chances

When you’re surrounded by dozens of strangers whom you’ve never met before, you can’t take any chances with your health. This guy clearly decided to take his hygiene game up a notch by covering all possible areas of his face that may catch any air-borne diseases from his fellow passengers. The noise-cancelling headphones, eye mask and surgical mask do a pretty good job at blocking out the view and any potential germs. Something tells us that this guy is not too fond of travelling – or being outside in public.


Risking it For a Photo

Pics or it didn’t happen, right? Taking a cool photo out of your window while travelling on a plane is quite common but how many times, as a pilot, do you get to slide outside your window to take a cool selfie with the Palm Islands of Dubai in the background? It’s hard to believe that an image like this could be real and with several Photoshop allegations floating around on the internet, we can’t guarantee the authenticity of this photo. Photoshopped or not, we still think that this makes an awesome shot!


Welcome Home Grandpa!

This girl clearly needs to pass another grade or two before she can start her own signboard design business. Despite her illegible handwriting, something tells us that she is eager to welcome grandma and grandpa at the airport in anticipation of Christmas presents and sugary snacks. Hopefully her grandparents will recognize her bright eyes and toothy smile instead of the sign because otherwise they might have a hard time finding their adorable little host.


Drawing a Line

Kids love drawing on anything – walls, notebooks, hundred dollar bills and even their parents’ passports. This kid in particular decided to give his father’s plain old passport a makeover and add some color to it. He obviously confused this travel document with a doodle pad and went all out with a black inerasable pen. The worst part about this whole situation was that the father only found out about this when he reached the airport and presented the document to the check-in staff. We can only imagine how everyone at the airport must have reacted.


The Balancing Act

This stacking skill can only be mastered if you’ve been in the luggage transportation sector for too long – in which case we suggest that it’s time you choose a different career path. If you’re shaking your head in disbelief thinking that such a feat is impossible to accomplish, then you’re most likely correct. This impressive piece of architecture in the shape of suitcases balanced on a trolley can be seen at the Sacramento international airport. Imagine how much time it would save to transport luggage in and out of aircrafts if such a skill was easy to master.


Good To Keep In Mind

You never know what kind of stupid people you may encounter in life which is why it’s essential for airport management to put up as many signs as possible to warn people of the consequences of doing something reckless – like trying to step in front of a plane that is either landing or taking off. This sign was seen near the Princess Juliana Airport which is situated close to a popular beach where people often get flown around by the gusts of the arriving or departing planes. I have personally never seen a person too close to the runway while the plane is taking off, let alone being flown away by the ‘jet blast’.


Collie Reporting to Duty

When it comes to the safety of the aircrafts, any help is appreciated – even if it comes from a furry little border collie who makes sure that no birds or animals are lurking around the runway when the planes are arriving or departing. This solves the problem of birds colliding with the airplane engine to cause cascading failure. Collie named Piper gets his own special uniform and protective gear to make him look more professional on duty. We wonder what his hourly rate for this job is.


What Are Thooooose

This guy obviously has a strange taste in fashion as he dressed up like a ghost in his white tux and white Nike shoes to go surprise his girlfriend at the airport. Surprised she was, but hardly in a good way. We’re sure his intentions weren’t all that bad but we’re struggling to understand why he thought that pairing a white formal outfit with white casual shoes was a good idea. We just hope he never dresses like that on a job interview, otherwise, he might stay unemployed for the rest of his life.