Chinese Billionaire Offering $180 Million to Whoever Marries His Daughter


Chinese Billionaire Offering Daughter for $180 Million

Whoever marries this girl will leave no doubt as to whether or not it was for love or money. A Chinese billionaire has been offering big bucks to whoever is willing to marry his not so straight daughter.

Chinese billionaire Cecil Chao has it all. Known for his development of luxury apartment complexes in his home city of Hong Kong, and for his expensive and lavish filmmaking, the Chinese entrepreneur had everything he could hope for, but one thing. He wanted his only daughter to live a normal life in a normal marriage. But that was not to be since daughter Gigi has other tastes, being gay. So now he is ready to pay a man $180 million to marry her and make her “straight.” Doesn’t seem like he will have to wait long to get a response to this offer. And anyway, she looks pretty cute.

The Money Sounds Good so What’s the Catch?

 That’s real money but what’s going on here? The offer was made in 2012 and there still haven’t been any takers. She’s good looking, intelligent, well educated, kind and most importantly, rich. It appears that the little problem is her sexual leaning. Not too many men are ready to take on a strong although attractive, dominant female who swings the other way. Apparently there has not been a long line of Men. Poor Mr. Chao is finding that it is difficult to buy people to meet his whims. That determined look in Gigi’s face seems to be saying “No way, Jose.”

The Price Keeps Climbing

 Maybe the long wait is due to the fact that the longer Chao has to wait, the higher the price that he is offering and most people seem to be aware of this. After all, the original price was $60 million and even with inflation and changing world conditions the bounce up has been excessive. The cost for turning Chao’s daughter “straight” went from the original $60 million to a “dowry” of double that only two years later, or $120 million. It was only recently that the price went to the amazing figure of $180 million, a sum not too many people on this earth can hope to see in this lifetime.

Possible Suite (nope wrong gender)?

Even as Gigi grew increasingly desirable and attractive over the years, the possibility of working a deal seemed to constantly be fading away as it seems that the blushing bride is not so ready to show up at the church. Reports are that Gigi wants nothing to do with her father’s brash proposal for a competent husband no matter how confident and willing the perspective groom. As they say, it takes two to tango and a willing match is going to have a difficult time if he has to go it alone. And anyway, that would defeat the whole purpose of the proposal, wouldn’t it?

Not Alone

 It seems that Gigi is not the only one who has a say in this matter. Gigi is not alone. She already has a mate although not necessarily the type of mate that would please her more conventional father. Gigi’s mate is very loving and very supportive and who wouldn’t be for this gorgeous young woman? In fact the only problem is that her mate is the problem, her mate is the wrong gender to meet Papa Chao’s requirements. Both Gigi and her mate came out publicly stating that they refuse to go along with the father’s proposal. Maybe Father Chao would do better to offer the $180 million to Gigi’s significant other to leave town, get lost.


Public Refusal

 In fact the contrary couple would have nothing to do with Chao’s proposal. To make sure that everyone was aware of their feelings, Gigi wrote her father a letter which later became a public letter when someone released it to the press, announcing her disinterest in her Father’s offer and her unwillingness to cooperate in the venture in any way. Which gets us back to Plan B, offer the money to the girl to take a hike. By the way, the partner looks like she could have been Gigi’s nanny. Guess she likes older but wiser women.


Letter Asks for Understanding and Respect

Writing in her letter to her father, Gigi implored the man to treat both her and her partner, Sean Eav, as “normal, dignified human beings.” Wait, isn’t Sean a man’s name, and look at that Adam’s apple, isn’t that a bit large to belong to a woman. Maybe the joke is that Gigi says she’s a lesbian but in reality she’s actually living with a man, albeit a bit of a gay man. This is really getting complex, I mean like who is who and what is what? Do we really have the whole story here?

At The Gay Ball

In fact, it seems that Gigi chose to use the letter as a way to lecture her poor supportive father. The errant daughter who may or may not be living with a Christian man who is possibly gay, expressed her feeling to her dad by saying, “As your daughter, I would want nothing more than to make you happy,” and adding, “but in terms of relationships, your expectations of me and the reality of who I am, are not coherent.” This looks like a strange use of the adjective “coherent” which the dictionary defines as logically connected. What is not coherent about rejecting your daughter’s lesbian lifestyle if you are a Christian? Maybe a better word for her to use would have been “compatible.”

How Did Dad React?

Chao is not accustomed to hearing “no” for an answer and it seems that it takes his own daughter and her strange looking lover to teach him this lesson. Suffice it to say that the Chinese billionaire was not happy with his daughter’s decision. So what is he supposed to do? Just drop it? Disown his daughter who doesn’t seem to need him anyway? Hire a hitman to take out the lesbian gay guy partner? Or go back to Plan B and pay off Sean? Paying off Sean seems like the best choice, but who knows if he/she is for sale?


Not Exactly a Paragon of Virtue

It is common knowledge that Chao himself has been with hundreds of women over the years and not all of them were his wife. That does not stop him from sticking to more conservative values when it comes to his daughter. For Gigi he prefers the more traditional gender roles and all of a sudden, when it comes to her, his ideas become old-fashioned with regard to sexuality. Maybe it was this hypocrisy that Gigi must have come to have seen in her dad that turned her away from his supposed values and pushed her to embrace (pun intended) an alternative lifestyle.


You Can’t Teach an Old Dog …

 Although he certainly does not lack comfortable living space, Chao must miss having a family with him, with grandchildren who seem to be increasingly far removed from him. All that room and at the ripe age of 77, little to do with it. It looks like this conflict with his daughter Gigi is making him even more estranged and there does not seem to be an easy solution anywhere in the foreseeable future. And at his age it is unlikely that we will soon be seeing any changes in his character.


The Look of Determination

Will things ever get better? Is there any hope for the future? Maybe there is because recently Cecil Chao took the offer off of the table. I know you’re thinking, “not now – I just heard about it.” Will this soften Gigi’s heart? Is there a possibility that they may reconcile their differences? Maybe Sean really is a guy and something in the way of a grandchild might come out of that. Maybe there really is a Santa Claus and Superman can really fly.


Ready to Show Respect to His Daughter

 Meanwhile, as Cecil does his best to see the situation from both sides of the table, Gigi seems to be morphing into a boy. Will Gigi/George be able to reconcile with her/his father and begin to see his side of the issue, or will she just ignore her father’s attempt at reconciliation? And where does that leave the grandchildren? Well anyway there are plenty of orphaned children living in China, maybe Chao should start shopping around. I’m sure there are some real deals out there.


Gigi Relieved

Those close to her say that after hearing about her father’s willingness to withdraw the bride price offer and of his attempts to better understand how Gigi feels and what is important to her, she was very much relieved. Maybe Sean and Gigi will start a family, having reconciled with pops and we will soon be hearing the pitter-patter of little artificially inseminated feet on the polished floors of Grandpa Cecil’s fancy apartment. Gigi better get cracking. There is a lot of room to fill in Grandpa Cecil’s penthouse apartment.


Will Sean Be Sitting Around the Sunday Dinner Table?

The simple answer is no. Maybe Dad has a new perspective on his feelings toward his wayward daughter but that does not mean that his feelings toward her partner have changed even if he/she dresses in a fancy suit and wears a colorful bowtie. He still doesn’t want anything to do with Sean and there is no way that Chao will be seeing Sean at the Sunday dinner table anytime soon or maybe ever. That doesn’t seem to be a problem for Sean though as he continues his/her relationship with Chao’s daughter Gigi and if we can judge from the photos of them, they seem very happy together and content.


Separate Lives

 It’s very nice that everything is patched up between Gigi and her dad as far as the public is concerned. Letters have been exchanged, feelings poured out, differences resolved, but nothing really good has come of it as both Gigi and father Cecil each go their separate ways and continue in their own life styles. Here we see Gigi with her latest partner. To each her own. I wonder what father Cecil has to say about this arrangement?


Luckily Gigi is Doing Fine

 Here we see Gigi with a photo sent her by one of her adoring fans. Gigi has gone on with her life and from all accounts is doing quite well. All of this despite her father’s intolerance but that trust fund that he set up for her doesn’t hurt any. I guess as long as she doesn’t judge the lifestyle that he chooses to follow then why she he be concerned about Gigi’s friends? Life goes on even when your father is a billionaire and is willing to buy you a husband for $180 million still considered to be a pretty good lump of change even in these trying times.


Everybody’s Happy

Everybody is happy and all together in one happy family. I don’t think this is what Papa Chao had in mind when he offered Gigi’s dowry but at least their cute and not all that difficult to raise, the dogs that is. And Gigi managed to make her own way in life even though she must have been under tremendous pressure from her father to change her ways and her friends. Good for Gigi.


Admirable Decision

 There must have been more than a few takers for that massive prize that Chao was offering and let’s face it, Gigi is nothing if she isn’t adorable and probably talented as well and you can throw in intelligent. So she must have really had to stand her ground when things started to heat up and it is admirable that she refused to placate her father’s wishes considering his wealth and traditional Chinese family values that honor the position of the father and stress obedience to his will. But then, ah, these are changing times.


An Inspiration to All

Dads have probably been trying to control their daughters for millennia and surely they will continue to do so but this has to be an inspiring story considering the power that Gigi’s father must yield in their community and the wealth that he holds. No, Gigi stood up to him and held on to her beliefs for her own way of life and this should stand as an inspiration for others who are dealing with the same pressures. And if you are a parent, try to consider your child’s feelings and their own beliefs.