Donald Trump’s Aide Kellyanne Conway Banned From Morning Joe

Mika Brzezinski, “Morning Joe” co-host, declared on Wednesday that Kellyanne Conway, aide to President Donald Trump, is not welcome on the MSNBC show anymore. She labeled the counselor to the United States president as no longer credible.
Using the contradictory TV interviews Conway granted in the wake of the resignation of Michael Flynn – former national security adviser, Brzezinski reiterated that during that time, Kellyanne Conway struggled to remain on the same wavelength as the other White House staffers.
Brzezinski further stated that it is a fact that Conway tries to get on the show by booking herself. She asserted that something is always off, askew or incorrect every time she has seen Conway on television. Hence, she said she would not honor any sit down with her because she doesn’t believe in false information or fake news.
Backing up Brzezinski, Morning Joe’s co-host Joe Scarborough equally echoed an earlier argument he made a day earlier on the show. He added that the presidential aide was not in the loop, and she is excluded from key meetings that hold in the White House. Scarborough stated that Conway is not briefed and informed on situations and developments, bringing back a prior claim that she “lies.”
He asserts that Conway just say things just so she could prove her relevance, and steps in front of cameras and the TV set, due to the fact that she is never in the important meetings behind the scene.
Reiterating their policy on Conway to elucidate their stand, Brzezinski further asserted that Kellyanne Conway needs not text the show as long as she’s on air, because “it is not happening here.”
Morning Joe, reported to be part of the cable news diet of President Trump is actually not the sole television show to turn their backs on Conway. Credibility concerns were also mentioned as the reason why CNN refused to book her earlier this month.
The now famous “alternative facts” phrase was coined by Conway last month when reporters questioned her about the president’s inauguration crowd size. She stated easily disprovable falsehoods, and tried to justify it with her own interpretation of alternative facts. Weeks later, she would go on to cite a fictitious “Bowling Green massacre” as justification for President Trump’s travel ban placed on seven Muslim-majority countries.
On the back of the negative headlines Conway’s interviews and falsehoods have generated, Matt Lauer persisted that her narrative on Flynn doesn’t make any sense, while the United States ethics watchdog have also asked the White House to investigate Conway’s unethical advertising of the fashion line of Ivanka Trump on TV.
Kellyanne Conway has however largely stayed positive and strong on Twitter, tweeting that she serves at the pleasure of the United States president, and going further to assert that the president’s message is also her message and his goals are also her goals. She concluded by writing that uninformed chatter does not matter. Her twitter account also replied a white nationalist follower with an affectionate “love you back” message.